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croatialogo Setaliste XIII. divizije 68.
HR-51000 Rijeka
Contact person: Prof. Denis Khermayer
Tel: +385 51 436 502
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Srednja škola Andrije Ljudevita Adamića (in English: Secondary School Andrije Ljudevita Adamića) is a private secondary education high school founded in 2005, employing 21 teachers and attended by 65 students aged between 15 and 18. The school is located in Rijeka (Croatia), on the North Adriatic coast and it is attended by learners from Rijeka, suburbs of Rijeka and nearby islands.

Being a general education-type of grammar school/gymnasium, Srednja škola Andrije Ljudevita Adamića offers a comprehensive 4-year programme at the secondary school level (years 15-18/19 or ISCED 3A / EQF 4 level) that helps students to prepare for higher education, i.e. relevant programme does not qualify students for a particular profession but mainly focuses on further education.

To enhance further social awareness in students and make them tackle problems our society faces; the school organizes occasional volunteering activities. In this way, students are shown how they can actively contribute to social welfare in their own community.

The school life provides a rich, diverse learning environment in which lifelong learning is cherished and every student is encouraged to achieve his personal best. Hence, a wide range of extra-curricular activities is provided throughout the school year (including inquiry-based learning, field courses, external visitors/guest speakers, international exchange/mobility activities) so as to:
- enrich the regular curriculum/obligatory subjects and provide balanced opportunities for developing many interests and talents of the students
- support students’ aspirations to enter higher education and assist them both in making well-informed decisions about their future directions.

Video: school description
Video: postcard from Rjieka

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