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Date: 30/09/2018 – 06/10/2018
Hosting school: Aristotelio College (Greece)

From 30th September 2018 to 6th October 2018 the Second Transnational Meeting of partners working at the project 2017-1-AT01-KA219-034993 “Let’s Build Europe Together” has taken place at Aristotelio College in Thessaloniki, Greece.

30th Sep 2018 - Sunday
This is the arrival day of participants at Thessaloniki. Colleagues from the hosting school picked all partners from the airport.

1st Oct 2018 - Monday
This was the first day of the working sessions. Since it was the first time visiting the hosting school all participants met the Headmaster of the school, colleagues and students from the hosting school. Then the Headmaster presented Aristotelio college to the partners. The meeting started by discussing all the processes that took place so far. The partners also evaluated the outcomes of the exchanges and checked if the aims of the project have been reached according to the initial plan. Additionally, partners have evaluated if the principles of Erasmus+ were covered and then they presented the ways that the project has affected the participating students. Every partner recognised that the project had a great influence especially to the students that already participated to an exchange. Values such as: cooperation, showing respect to each other, making decisions following democratic processes, recognising the potential of a united EU and the ways of being an active member of EU are some of the noticeable characteristics that the students have mentioned. The follow up of the exchanges and outcomes are concluded to be very good concerning quality and quantity.The first day finished with a tour around the city of Thessaloniki.

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2nd Oct 2018 - Tuesday
During the second working day, the topics of the future exchanges were explained and analysed further, and the participants have made more suggestions about the outcomes.  Another subject that was discussed was the intermediate report and agreed for its content. The evaluation of the week was also formed (for hosting and visiting teachers). Next topic was to discuss about the risks, what type of risks we have noticed so far and ways of overcoming those risks in future exchanges. Another topic that it was analysed it was the budget and the amount for each part was explained again. The day ended by evaluating the dissemination tools like the Facebook page, the webpage, the Youtube Channel and the e-twinning platform and making suggestions for improvement. Additionally, some students from the Easmus+ project interviewed the teachers about their experience in the project. 
At the afternoon we had an excursion to Vergina, we saw the Royal tombs of Vergina and learnt the history of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip II. The day ended visiting the waterfalls of Edessa.

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3rd Oct 2018 - Wednesday
Wednesday was the day for excursion and visited the very significant monument, protected by Unesco, the area of Meteora with those amazing pillar rocks that stand there for many years. Initially, we saw a presentation about the history of Meteora and then we visited the female monastery of Ag. Stefanos. Later we visited Trikala where we had our lunch and a walk around one of the most innovative cities of Greece.

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4th Oct 2018 - Thursday
On the fourth day all partners the topic of the working session was basically “Planning”. Learning activities and the processes that would take place during the second year were agreed. Emphasis was given especially to the dissemination events and each partner school explained the ways and the media that would use for further dissemination of the project. After a small break, sessions continued involving an educational seminar about e-Twinning and Twinspace, and planning how to increase the number of participants within each school. The evaluation processes also explained and agreed. The evening ended with a walk around the city of Thessaloniki near the coast.

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5th Oct 2018 - Friday
On Friday morning the participants visited the building of the Primary school of Aristotelio College and met the Headmaster and the teachers. They entered the classes and talked to the youngest pupils of the school. Then they moved to the building of the High School and the meeting protocol was drawn up and signed by all local coordinators and all paperwork requested in compliance with the Erasmus+ regulations were done. At the end all participants agreed and signed the protocol. The dissemination event organised by Aristotelio College and involving foreign partners as well as teachers, students, parents, stakeholders and the local press took place in the auditorium of the school. It was a great opportunity to present the project and the partner schools. All partners talked to the students that were present at the event, approximately 80 students attended the event. After the dissemination event, all partners filled the evaluation and have recognised the meaning of the project and the impact of teamworking processes. Every partner became richer in experiences and ideas about the educational processes that involves EU principles and spirit but also in warm, deep feelings of good friendship and partnership.

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The Agenda

The Evaluation


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