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Kick-off meeting for coordinators in Spain
Date: 12/11/ 2017 – 18/11/2017
Hosting school: IES Joaquin Turina, Seville (Spain)

From 12th to 18th November 2017 the First Transnational Meeting of partners working at the project 2017-1-AT01-KA219-034993 “Let’s Build Europe Together” has taken place at IES Joaquin Turina in Sevilla, Spain.

12th Nov 2017 - Sunday
This is the arrival day of participants at Sevilla. Colleagues from the hosting school picked all partners from the airport.

13th Nov 2017 - Monday
This was the first day of the working sessions. Since it was the first time that all participants were present, we have started discussing and explaining the topics of each exchange in a more analytical way and their impacts to the students and EU. Since the main guidelines are about democracy and active citizenship, everybody recognised the need to introduce to the students political organisations and forms, legal systems, decision making processes within European union. However, it is of great significance for the students to learn and recognise the role of an active citizen, the way of searching future potentials and opportunities in the European Union. After these principles of the project made clear to all partners, the next step was to adjust and agree the dates of the meetings and exchanges. Since there was a very positive thinking of each participant school, the dates were agreed for the two years of the project. Dates have changed from the initial report but not the groups of hosting and visiting schools. Another vivid topic that was analysed in detail is the control of the budget, since some of the partners are participating for first time. Participants had questions about the procedures covered by each part of the budget and their obligations, so everything made clear to everybody by the participants of the coordinating school. Additionally, each product – working space (such as project website, YouTube channel, E-twinning, evaluation etc.) was assigned to each participant schools. The first day of the week finished with a small excursion to the city of Seville.

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14th Nov 2017 - Tuesday
During the second working day, each topic has been analysed further and the participants have made suggestions about the processes that would be followed and that products that would be produced by the students. Another subject that was discussed was the evaluation (from students, teachers and families) and how this could be organised after each meeting/exchange. Next topic was the documents that should be produced by each school and the ways of sharing. Finally, the organisation of the exchange week has been explained and the responsibilities of each hosting/visiting school and students. Also, we have discussed and agreed the responsibilities of the hosting families. 

15th Nov 2017 –Wednesday
Wednesday was the day for excursions and visits to the most important historical sites and monuments of the area of Granada such as Alhambra palace, the Royal Chapel and the Cathedral. A tour of the city of Granada was very interesting since it is a very picturesque city with great historical monuments.

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16th Nov 2017 – Thursday
On the fourth day all partners checked the current situation of their own budget verifying all the costs not only by receipts and invoices but also structuring them according to the application and to the provided Mobility Tool Platform. The participants received a detailed training from the coordinator about the Mobility tool platform.
Risk management and dissemination activities for the first project year have been discussed. The introduction and use of the innovative mobile application C4You Digital Marketing has been specially highlighted. This application allows sending all project information through short messages directly on smartphones / tablets of students, parents, teachers and interest stakeholders/persons. The evaluation processes also explained by the coordinator.

17th Nov 2017 – Friday
On Friday the meeting protocol was drawn up and signed by all local coordinators and all paperwork requested in compliance with the Erasmus+ regulations were done. At the end all participants agreed and signed the protocol. In the evening a dissemination event organised by IES Joaquin Turina and involving foreign partners as well as teachers, students, parents, stakeholders and the local press took place in the auditorium of the school. It was a great opportunity to present the project and the partner schools.

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All partners during the last day have recognised the meaning of the project and the impact of teamworking processes. They were enriched with the benefits of knowing the ways of being an active citizen in European Union and how EU functions at a political and legal level. Additionally, all partners have recognised the importance of opportunities given within European Union and mentioned the procedures followed about decision – making, arrange conflicts and forms of development as an individual but also as a part of a working team towards better quality of life and education in Europe. To this regard it is important to highlight that the Spanish team welcomed the partners in a warm and friendly way, showing competence in the organisation and a great sense of cooperation, making everyone feel at home and at the same time allowing a real intercultural exchange of good practice.

The Agenda

The Evaluation



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